Learning Microsoft Excel and other basic digital skills is important. There are numerous benefits of Excel Skills for your career. Over 70% of professionals use Microsoft Excel either directly or indirectly. If you’re looking for a job that promises a living wage and a good shot at a middle-class life, then start by learning Microsoft Excel.

Excel Skills for your career

The most required skills are also basic ones; spreadsheet and word processing software such as Microsoft Corp.’s Excel and Word or the software from SAP SE and Oracle Corp., which large companies use to manage things like finances and human resources.

You may be underutilising the full potential of Excel by only using it to handle statistics, data and money. Most businesses and departments can incorporate the Excel program and make their operations easier.

Here are some reasons that make using Excel very important in most professions.

1. Excel is versatile

Excel is not only about creating tables and merging cells. Excel is much more than merging cells. It can be turned into a creative problem-solving tool. Excel can create, build and edit images effortlessly. It can efficiently perform basic and complex math functions, so you don’t have to do it manually. Excel can turn data into helpful charts and graphics. It can also analyse data to predict future outcomes for our company or business. Moreover, it is not as abstract as many think. You can manipulate its different functionalities to achieve the desired effect.

2. Works to Lessen your Load work

Excel has numerous functions and programs that can save you time and effort. It can easily add up large sums of figures within seconds. It also gives accurate data since the formulas used are set and verified.

3. Promotions and Better Job Opportunities

As we have established, Excel is a very resourceful skill in the job market. With advanced Excel skills, you can be sure to open yourself up for promotions. Advanced Excel skills will give you more insight into figures and numbers that could lead you to be promoted since your skill will be above the rest. You will also have an in-depth understanding of the data and an understandable presentation, which can easily lead to a promotion.

4. Excel will increase your productivity

Excel will enable you to effectively convert raw data and numbers to appealing charts and graphics. You can communicate your ideas better to your employees, bosses, colleagues, clients and investors. Consequently, you will become a better employee and meet your objectives at work.

Technological illiteracy is no longer a sustainable option for the modern worker. Excel may seem intimidating at first, but by starting to use the program for basic tasks, you’ll get a better feel of its efficiency. You can find details of our Excel Courses here.