When working with Microsoft Office, one of the most important things is to work efficiently and quickly. One of the fundamental things that all users should aim to learn is how to use keyboard shortcuts. Numerous keyboard shortcuts are available for Microsoft Office, and they can be used in Excel Word, PowerPoint Outlook, Access and other programs. There are beginner-level shortcuts that many people will know. However, more niche and advanced shortcuts will separate some users from others.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Standard keyboard shortcuts include:

  • Ctrl+C refers to copying text or potentially an image.
  • Ctrl+X allows cutting a piece of text or can even be an image control.
  • Ctrl+V facilitates the pasting of text or images.

Excel Paste Special Values

In Excel, there are many ways that you can paste data. You can paste with formulas, paste values, paste formats or transpose. There are far more options than just that. Paste values are a very common shortcut for intermediate to advanced Excel users. Paste value is where you take away any formula and only paste precisely the answer in the cell you have copied.

  • Ctrl + Alt + V will bring up the Paste Special menu; within the menu, you need to select Values by pressing V and then enter.

You may also want to paste formulas or formats; these can be done in the paste special menu.

  • Ctrl + Alt + V will bring up the Paste Special menu; within the menu, you need to select Formulas by pressing F and then enter. This enables you to paste formulas from another copied cell.
  • Ctrl + Alt + V will bring up the Paste Special menu; within the menu, you need to select Formats by pressing T and then enter. This enables you to paste the formats from another copied cell.

There are several other options for paste specials. You can also access the Paste Special menu using the shortcut Alt + E + S if you prefer to try an alternate shortcut to Ctrl + Alt + V.

Shortcuts for Microsoft Programs

All Microsoft products offer the ability to select all within a document. This is the shortcut Ctrl + A. This is useful for all reasons and is used frequently in Word, Outlook, and Excel.

We can use the create new shortcut Ctrl + N. This works in all the main Microsoft Office programs. It creates a new spreadsheet in Excel, new documents in Word, new emails in Outlook, new presentations in PowerPoint etc. You can also bring up the Open dialogue box to open an existing file with the Ctrl + O shortcut.

  • Ctrl + A – Select All
  • Ctrl + O – Open file
  • Ctrl + N – Create a new document

Undo is very useful, and this is done with the shortcut Ctrl + Z. It is a vital way to go back to the position before you make a mistake to enable by undoing your previous action. However, you can redo an action also, with Ctrl + Y. These shortcuts are pretty universal and used outside of Microsoft too.

Keyboard Shortcuts

You will notice many keyboard tricks as you become a more advanced user of whichever Microsoft product. Often the more advanced shortcuts will only be used by a few users. Generally, using the Ctrl or Alt button provides access to shortcuts in all programs that will save you time. Remember using the mouse is slower than using the keyboard. Most advanced users will agree with this fact.

Microsoft Excel is a Microsoft Office program that demands quick and efficient. An advanced user of Excel can often carry out tasks much faster than a beginner. Tips, tricks and shortcuts to improve your Excel performance can be found in our Excel courses. In particular, the Microsoft Excel Diploma allows users to study from beginner to advanced level. Here you will gain the full array of shortcuts.