Microsoft Access is a crucial skill in many industries and is becoming required by many employers. Now is your chance to learn a new skill and adapt to a technology-focused business world. This Online Advanced Access Course provides the skills and knowledge needed to work with Microsoft Access.

Course Format

The training is available online and is suitable for beginners. Our learning system is state of the art and is provided by Microsoft Platinum Partners. The training uses a virtual tutor inside the training system. The virtual tutor function will guide you through work-simulated, provide exercises and correct any errors you may make. This is a very interactive method of learning, which helps you gain confidence and real skills.

The training system is adaptable and accessible at all hours of the day, meaning you may begin the course at any time and study according to your schedule. It’s like having your own personal IT tutor at your disposal at all times.

Online Advanced Access Course

The training course has a duration of six months, but you continue to be able to access the learning material for one year. Start dates are flexible. You can start on any date.

Access Training Course Content

  • Restructuring a table in the Datasheet view / Design view
  • Restricting what can be entered in a field
  • Input masks
  • Lookup lists Indexing a table
  • Relationships between tables
  • Form properties
  • Preventing access to form fields
  • Changing the order of access to fields
  • Subforms
  • Using a form to enter data in several tables at once
  • Collecting and sharing data
  • Creating a text box to represent a field
  • Selecting and deleting controls
  • Creating a check box/button/option group/label / calculated control
  • Calculating statistics in forms and reports
  • Creating a setlist of values /┬álist of values from an existing table/query
  • Moving and copying controls
  • Aligning and spacing controls
  • Changing the height of a section
  • Creating a rectangle/line control
  • Resizing controls
  • Formatting text in a control
  • Aligning text in a control
  • Formatting controls
  • Conditional formatting
  • Copying a format from one control to another
  • Grouping/ungrouping controls
  • Numbering pages in a report or form
  • Inserting a picture
  • Themes
  • Sorting information in a report
  • Grouping records in a report
  • Printing groups on separate pages of a report
  • Mailing labels
  • Calculated fields in a query
  • Statistics without grouping / on groups/groups of pre-selected records
  • Parameter queries
  • Find unmatched query
  • Find duplicates query
  • Crosstab query
  • Creating a pivot table / Grouping records in a pivot table
  • Pivot charts

Course Requirements

This is an Advanced Course, so you will need to possess a good level of knowledge in Microsoft Access. Please consider the Beginner Microsoft Access Course or Intermediate Microsoft Access Course, if you do not have a high level of Access knowledge to commence this level of training.


  • Training developed by experts in the field
  • User-friendly
  • Realistic work simulated exercises enable you to apply your learning more effectively.
  • CPD Accredited Training written by Microsoft Platinum Partners
  • CPD Certification issued on successful completion
  • Professional qualification to build your CV and job options
  • Flexible training schedule