The Online Microsoft Access Course Intermediate Level enables learners to gain proficient skills in Access.

A Microsoft Certified Academy delivers this course. Our Microsoft Office training uses the latest technology in interactive training. The CPD Standards Institute fully accredits the training. CPD Accredited Certificates are issued upon successful completion.

Online Microsoft Access Course Intermediate Level

Microsoft Access is a crucial skill in many industries and is becoming required by many employers. A wide range of jobs requires Microsoft Access skills.

Course Format

The training is available online and is suitable for many different job types and learning aims. Our learning system is state of the art and is provided by Microsoft Platinum Partners. The training uses a virtual tutor inside the training system. The virtual tutor function will guide you through work-simulated, provide exercises and correct any errors you may make. This is a very interactive method of learning, which helps you gain confidence and real skills.

The training system is adaptable and accessible at all hours of the day, meaning you may begin the course at any time and study according to your schedule. It’s like having your own personal IT tutor at your disposal at all times.

Access Training Course Content

    • Creating a Primary table key
    • Creating a form
    • Object dependencies
    • Importing data from another application
    • Exporting data
    • Selecting the records to print in a report
    • Managing objects
    • Formatting/reorganising a datasheet
    • Filtering records by the value in a field
    • Filtering by a range of field values
    • Inserting a Total row into a datasheet
    • Creating a database
    • Converting a database
    • Protecting a database
    • Creating a Select query
    • Using the query design grid
    • Setting a selection criterion in a query
    • Setting criteria on multiple fields
    • Setting multiple criteria on the same field
    • Sorting the records in a query
    • Delete query
    • Make Table query
    • Update query

A Virtual Tutor delivers the Microsoft Access Training on a live server. As a Microsoft Certified Academy, we have access to this technologically advanced system. Each lesson will be orally presented by the Virtual instructor, followed by a demonstration. You’ll also have a series of exercises that the Virtual instructor will monitor and correct.

Dates and durations

The training course has a duration of six months, but you continue to be able to access the learning material for one year. Start dates are flexible. You can start on any date.

Course Requirements

You will need beginner-level or foundational skills to take this course. Learners who need to develop beginner-level skills should take the Access Course Beginner Level.


    • CPD Certification issued on successful completion
    • Training developed by experts in the field
    • User-friendly and realistic exercises to enable you to apply your new skills more effectively at work
    • CPD Accredited Training written by Microsoft Platinum Partners
    • Professional qualification to build your CV and increase job options
    • Flexible training schedule