Microsoft Access Training

Microsoft Access Training

£179.00 2 hours

Microsoft Access is key to many roles; including roles of some PAs and Admin and project management jobs.

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Product Description

Microsoft Access Course

Microsoft Access is key to many roles; including roles of some PAs and Admin and project management jobs. The ability to input and manage database systems is key to many job requirements, as Microsoft Access is the most common database system, this course provide valuable skills. Many employers will demand that their employees are skilled in using Access.

Souters is a Microsoft Certified Academy, so we are able to offer Microsoft Certification and our training uses the very latest technology in interactive training.
As our certification comes from Microsoft itself, its recognition is international.

We can also offer Microsoft Assessment and Certification to all of our clients as well as to clients who are not taking tuition; you are welcome to come and get Microsoft Certification at our Academy, find out how to book your assessment by clicking hereCertiport Exams.


To give students beginner and Proficient (i.e. Intermediate) Access Skills- Advanced level available as a supplement

Course Format

Beginner and Proficient modules in Access 2003, Access 2007 or Access 2010. The units will take you to Proficient level. Please follow this link if you would like Advanced level training.

Course Content

Please see the Syllabus downloads for this course: COURSE OUTLINE.
Dates and Duration

There is a 1 month of training at our academy which is made available to all. However, you may study at home, if more convenient for your schedule. Please note that in-house is possible during office hours (most evening, weekdays and Saturdays). When you are in-house you will have live tutors to provide guidance and assistance.

You can study as much as you like, so it can fit in with your busy lifestyle. You can study at home for up to 3 months, by which time ou will need to arrange to take your assessment.
Course Requirements

Course can start from beginner level, so no entry requirements.

As a Microsoft Certified Academy, we offer Microsoft Certification which is internationally recognised.

Our course was written in order take the Microsoft Certification, so it means that you will be getting course material from experts in the field.

Our course is flexible in terms of time and place. It can be completed both at our Certified Training Centre or at home.

Certification in Microsoft Access for successful completion. Global Microsoft Certiport Certification available as a supplement