Powerpoint Course

Powerpoint Course

£179.00 2 hours

PowerPoint is key to many different professions; many PAs, Project Managers and Secretaries will need to be proficient in this programme.

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Product Description

Microsoft Powerpoint Training

PowerPoint is key to many different professions; many PAs, Project Managers and Secretaries will need to be proficient in this programme. The ability to create quality presentations for themselves or their superiors are key to many job roles; as PowerPoint is the most common presentation tool, this course provides valuable skills. Just a look at a job board will show you how many employers will demand that their employees are skilled in using PowerPoint.

Our training centre is a Microsoft Certified Academy, which offers Microsoft Certification and all our IT training uses the very latest technology in interactive training. As our certification comes from Microsoft itself, it is internationally recognised.

Souters also offers Microsoft Assessment and Certification to clients who are not taking tuition. Feel welcome to come and book Microsoft Assessments at our Academy in order to gain your Certification. Please follow this hyperlink so you can book an assessment Certiport Exams


To provide Beginner and Proficient PowerPoint  Skills with an advanced option if desired.

Course Format

Beginner and Proficient modules in PowerPoint 2003, PowerPoint 2007 or PowerPoint 2010. The unit will take you to intermediate (i.e. proficient level). Please follow this link if you would like Advanced level training.

Course Content

Syllabus downloads are here: CLICK

Dates and Duration

Training at our academy for 1 month. However, you may study at home during this 1 month, if more convenient for your schedule.

Training in-house is only during office hours (most evening, weekdays and saturdays). When you are in-house you will havelive tutors to provide guidance. It is possible to continue study at home for up to 3 months, if you need more time, before when you will need to arrange to take your assessment.

Course Requirements

The Course can start from beginner level, so there will not be any entry requirements.


We offer Microsoft Certification which is internationally recognised, because we are a Microsoft Certified Academy.

Our course was written aimed at the Microsoft Certification, so it means that you will be getting course material from the ultimate experts in the field.

Our course is flexible. It can be completed both at our Certified Training Centre or at home. You can also study as much as you like, complete the certification intensely or at your own pace, if you are very busy.

 Certification in PowerPoint on  successful completion.